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Redesco Structural Engineering

Redesco (Research-Design-Consulting)

Merging broad vision with focused specialization, we simply make possible outstanding structures.

We focus on Structures, from conceptual design to site supervision. We work for Investors as well as Construction Companies, because we like to follow our designs from the initial sketches to realization: we sharpen our skills in imagination as much as in making things real.

We believe that experience in the field must go along with research, theory and creativity.



Holistic Approach

Over the years Redesco has established a strong reputation as a partner to pre-eminent Architects, who choose us to enable their Projects trusting our vision as Structural Engineers. Building on that reputation, very often we are called to join interdisciplinary teams by Investors and Developers, as well as Public Authorities, for challenging Projects.
In the field of Infrastructures, namely bridges, railways bridges and footbridges, we deploy our creativity and sound engineering by undertaking the complete design of each project.