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Redesco Structural Engineering
MiCo - Congress Center, Milan

MiCo - Congress Center, Milan

Services provided Structural design from conceptual to good for tender (Riba E) for all structures. Detailed design up to construction documents fro internal structures, supporting structuires and halls. Technical assistance to site.
Architect Mario Bellini (freeform and outside), Pierluigi Nicolin (interior, lay-out, functional program)
Builder Montagna Costruzioni
Contruction year 2009 - 2011
Client Sviluppo Sistema Fiera
Structure value € 26.282.00,00

The new CongressCenter hosts a main hall with 5.000 places, a 1.200 places Auditorium and several minor halls. The project transforms the existing fair building by modifying many structural and architectural elements.The new Auditorium, an egg-shaped steel structure, is resting over the existing R.C vehicular ramp.

A connection structure, based on composite steel and concrete elements, fills the space between the existing CongressCenter on via Gattamelata and the new facility.
Towards the south, a new vertical connection and lobby building is built, hosting the main vertical flows of visitors as well as many ancillary functions.

The whole structural system is based on composite steel and concrete technology; the complexity of the project is due to the stringent constraints to be taken into account in the interface with the existing building.

The main building is covered by a free-form structure supporting metal panels and lighting systems. The structure is divided into two main areas:

- A1 is a tri-dimensional space frame, based on a triangular mesh; this area corresponds to the protruding portion of the roofing, extending on the south side of the building;

- A2 is a primary and secondary beam system: main trussed beams resting on the building’s column grid support triangular free-form secondary beams covered by metal sheet panels.  

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