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Redesco Structural Engineering
San Marino Outlet Experience, Repubblica di San Marino

San Marino Outlet Experience, Repubblica di San Marino

Services provided Structural design for Riba 5 & 6 stages. On site assistance for the contractor.
Client The Market PropCo S.R.L
Architect One Works, Milano
Builder Colombo Costruzioni, Lecco
Contruction year 2018 - 2021

Shopping mall

The construction site occupies about 40’000 m2 in the Serravalle area inside the San Marino Republic territory, near Rimini (ITA). The commercial complex consist of three independent structural blocks that constitute the shopping center and its covered parking lots.

The particular ground conformation of the site and the specific boundary conditions, have involved the adoption of many different technology of retaining wall, with specific precautions during the excavations.

Parking area is developed on the two different foundation levels and also on post-tensioned concrete deck, with particular geometrical complexity; 16x8 m is the typical column span.

Commercial buildings are made up with composed steel-concrete deck; steel columns not directly insist on foundations but even on the post-tensioned concrete beams placed below. Lateral stability system is composed by steel-concrete deck act as diaphragm to distribute forces to concrete cores/walls and V-braced steel frames.