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Redesco Structural Engineering


Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided RIBA 3, 4 Structural Design and Good for construction design.
Client Europa Risorse SGR spa
Architect Kengo Kuma and Associates + Studio Pession Associato
Contruction year ongoing
Structure value 42.000.000 €

Welcome Milano is a building for composite use (retail, office, supermarket, gymns) located in the North-East zone of Milano where at the date the existing Rizzoli industrial construction is being demolished; parking and technical rooms are distributed in the basement.

The design is developed for a building with complex geometry and composed of blocks featuring different in plan positions and elevations above ground floor.

Characteristics of design are in addition the large deck cantilevers and the presence of elevated gardens on the outer facades and over the roof levels.

Retail and areas open to the public as the square close to the via Cazzaniga side are located at ground floor.

The main structure, composed of cylindrical columns, and beams featuring web and flange sections is in steel.

Wooden panels are applied on selected structural positions like the ceiling over ground floor and the cantilevers.

The main structures and the cantilevers are connected by secondary glulam beams supporting continuous XLAM panels 14cm deep extended over a surface of around 58’000 m2.

These panels bear the vertical loads and constitute the floor diaphragm distributing the horizontal actions given by wind and earthquake over the reinforced concrete cores which assure the lateral stability of the whole structure.

At the 3rd floor, over the main entrance close to the most elevated construction, a large triangular glazed skylight is supported by steel structures bearing on the adjacent buildings.

The construction in elevation over the ground floor is protruding above a reinforced concrete plate extended  to around 18’000 m2 and supported by r.c. columns.

Footings below the columns and rafts below the stair and elevator cores constitute the foundations. Parking and technical areas are located in the basement level, for another 18'000 m2 of extension.


work in progress...