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Redesco Structural Engineering
L'Oréal Headquarters, Milan

L'Oréal Headquarters, Milan

Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided Structural design from Conceptual to Good for Construction Documents, Structural Site Supervision.
Client Primaticcio Property srl + Doughty Hanson
Architect Arch. Gianmaria Beretta - Studio Architettura Beretta Associati
Builder Pessina S.p.a.
Contruction year 2001 - 2003
Structure value 9.800.000,00 €

The high standard center is developed on a 33000 m2 surface, with 3 underground levels and 3 in elevation for a total of around 120000 m3 with the following functions:

parking: 45.200m3

new warehouse: 10.000 m3

rehabilitated warehouse: 8.000 m3

new office-service area: 24.000 m3

rehabilitated office-service area: 34.600 m3

Half ofthe center was built anew, while the other part resulted from a dramatic rehabilitation of existing buildings.

The new parkings reach the -14.20 elevation, with foundation at -15.00 and are constituted by a composite steel-concrete structure on large spans (18.00 m) designed for carrying a wide interior garden.

The foundations were designed with tension piles to resist the upward press ion due to the water table rise at the -9.00 m elevation. The new structures were designed according to a tri-dimensional composite steel-concrete frame scheme, while the existing ones, in concrete and hollow bricks, were rehabilitated by using different technologies (gluing of steel plates and carbon fibers and fiber reinforced concrete) in order to upgrade for the new function their load-bearing capacity.

The whole structural designed was co-coordinated with the architectural and mechanical ones and was completed in 6 months; the structures were erected in 12 months with our work supervision, while the whole job was finished in 18 months.