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Redesco Structural Engineering


Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided structural design from conceptual to good for construction, detailing, technical assistance to site supervision
Builder PERCASSI S.p.A.
Contruction year 2012 - 2013
Structure value 5.300.000,00 €

First Italian real estate development of STAM Europe. The total area is about 17,000 square meters.
The building has 3 bodies on 4 levels above ground risingo over a large car park basement level.
The Architecture and Design of functional destinations have pushed towards the reduction of the concrete structure dimensions that well suits building geometries. The conjugation of the rational distribution of space in basement with the freedform of above ground spaces was particularly complex requiring the use of tricky solutions.


The site is located in Viale Certosa 144, north-west of Milan.

The building has a body with three arms in the shape of "C" rising over 4 levels above ground to delimit a "campus"; the project is completed by a large basement for a garage (about 7500 sqm) and topped by a garden. The ground floors are envisioned for laboratories and a showroom, all the remaining floors are for offices.

The site is places in a densely built area, for this reason the intervention of construction was preceded by the complete demolition of previous structures and the realization of the special works necessary for the excavation of the new basement.

Diaphragms, micro piles walls, and temporary propping closely integrated with production processes were proficiently designed.

The structures are made of reinforced concrete and the floors are bidirectional slabs with a maximum thickness of 30 cm on a mesh of approximately 8.10 x 8.10 m without the use of dropped panels or lowered beams. The shape in plan rather complicated and the irregular distribution stability staircase system helped in the choice of avoiding movement joints between the three bodies of the building.

The main lobby is characterized by a wide open space (4 levels), there take place the monumental staircase and the high steel facade columns.