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Redesco Structural Engineering
GIARDINI D'INVERNO, Via Pirelli, Milan

GIARDINI D'INVERNO, Via Pirelli, Milan

Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided Progettazione strutturale preliminare, definitiva, esecutiva e DL strutture
Client China Investment S.p.A. - Milano
Architect Caputo Partnership International
Builder Colombo Costruzioni - General Contractor
Contruction year 2017 - 2019
Structure value 5.000.000 €

Residential building of high standard quality consisting of 6 underground levels used as parking lots, warehouses, technical rooms and services, 15 levels in elevation for residence use with ground floor surfaces reserved for shops and restaurants, roof terrace with swimming pool and bar / restaurant, for a total of approximately 38,000 m2 of horizontal surface resulting from: basement 21,000 m2, decks above ground 17,000 m2

The project was characterized by the presence of structures already  partially built below the ground level, which were reinforced and integrated into the design of the new basement. The foundation consists of a continuous reinforced concrete slab. resisting the hydraulic thrust of the water table and built over the existing footings.

The ground floor consists of a stiff reinforced concrete slab. of variable thickness from a minimum of 35 cm to a maximum of 85 cm capable of supporting the building overhanging above ground which features structural grid lines not aligned with the ones of the basement levels.

The building part above ground has a "C" shape extended over a plan area of ​​approximately 1600 m2 and essentially composed by three pods of variable height with maximum extension to 16 floors.

The building has a structural scheme consisting of staircases and elevators in reinforced concrete resisting the horizontal actions, hinged columns resisting vertical loads only and reinforced concrete slabs. with a typical thickness of 22 cm, with plastic hollow cores and extended up to 3 m span overhangings .

Steel elements integrate the main reinforced concrete structure and are used for the penthouse roof structure, the hall columns at the ground floor, the gratings and some stairs connecting the floors.