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Redesco Structural Engineering
Ex Isotta-Fraschini Area Urban Reform, Saronno (VA) Italy

Ex Isotta-Fraschini Area Urban Reform, Saronno (VA) Italy

Services provided Preliminary structural design
Client Saronno - città dei beni comuni s.r.l.
Architect CZA - Cino Zucchi Architects
Contruction year ongoing

It's an articulated development which includes subsequent phases with multipurpose buildings and green areas over a gross surface of around 12 hectares.

On the site operated at the beginning of the 30ties the Isotta Fraschini car factory; the plot is located close to the Saronno railway statio and at the date is into disuse.

The development is based on the upgrading of an area part by means of the erection or rehabilitation of the three buildings identified as BL, N and O.

The BL (“Bernardino Luini”) building is located close to the train tracks.

The building,erected around 1920, features load bearing masonry walls which support an elevated floor and the roof; after world war two a single story, less valuable construction, was added.

The whole original building will be upgraded for housing teaching rooms; the added construction will be removed and a new wing, with a steel structure, will be erected.

The building identified as “N” was used for industry and was lined by the smaller one (N2) which was already dismantled; it features a single story structure with a steel roof and lateral reinforced concrete frames supporting the overhead crane runway.

For the upgrading development the lateral columns will be strengthened in order to allow for the construction of a new building with a larger footprint over these ones top elevation; a wide span (15m) overhanging is located at the front side.

The new load bearing skeleton will be in steel and the decks in reinforced concrete cast over deformed steel sheets, allowing for the maximum efficiency of the composite structure.

The building identified as “O” is constituted by a three bay industrial shed with trussed or canstellated steel columns bearing roof trusses; the cover layer is missing and therefore the plan below is under the open sky.

No new roof construction is planned but safety and healing works will be effected in order to improve the structure durability.