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Redesco Structural Engineering
Bridge over the N.R.12, Tadmait, Algeria

Bridge over the N.R.12, Tadmait, Algeria

Project's Category ROADS AND BRIDGES
Services provided structural conception, complete design and assistance to work supervision
Client ENGOA Enterprise National de Grands Ouvrages d’Art
Builder ENGOA Enterprise National de Grands Ouvrages d’Art
Structure value 1.700.000 €
Contruction year 2008


This overpass on the National Route 12 in Tadmait, Algeria, is small bridge intended to be a landmark for the municipality. The solution is based on a composite steel and concrete structure in a bow-string arrangement. The decks suspended to two lateral side arches, which are inclined outwards at a 17° angle to the vertical plane. The hangers are made of rigid elements of variable section, while the two main longitudinal side beams are made by curved box sections. The arches are made of tubular sections.

The slab is cast over prefabricated elements, and the bridge is designed to be self-supporting during concreting.

The intervention area is highly seismical, so that special arrangements for seismic retaining and restraints have been applied. The foundations are based on bored piles.

The design includes from the beginning a very careful study of night lighting, so that the monumental lighting system is part of the design concept and all the elements of the system are fully integrated in the structure.