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Redesco Structural Engineering
Viaducts on the SS 125 East Sardinia

Viaducts on the SS 125 East Sardinia

Project's Category ROADS AND BRIDGES
Client ANAS - Sardegna
Architect M.E. Giuliani and G.C. Giuliani - Redesco
Builder General: Fabiani - Dalmine; Steelwork: Cimolai - Pordenone
Contruction year 2000 - 2003
Structure value 16.657.000 €
Services provided Structural design from Conceptual to Good for Construction Documents

A statement of love for Engineering as a high human expression and for the untouched Sardinian landscape.
A tree-dimensional steel-concrete composite continuous girder, which was invented and subsequently patented, was proposed for the main viaducts Rio Masone Murtas (977m long), Gutturu Frascu (221m long), Pispisa (137m long) and other viaducts, for a total length of about 2 Km of bridge decks.
With 92 kg/m2 of structural steel for continuous spans of 40 m, these bridges set a record in terms of material efficiency. The project was awarded a Honour Mention in the 2003 edition of the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture.