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Redesco Structural Engineering
Trento Law Courts

Trento Law Courts

Client Provincia di Trento
Architect Pierluigi Nicolin & Associati - Milano
Structure value 17.028.000 €
Services provided structural conception, complete design and work supervision
Competition year 2010

The project won the international two step competition called by the Trento city Authority

The compound will house the Trento Courts facilities to be located in a ground in the city center close to the old court building which will be restored and integrated in the new constructions.

The structural features are developed according to the office functions which are positioned at different elevations and locations.

The escavations of the underground floors are retained by slurry diaphragms and pile courtains, while the foundations feature footings and strip beams.

The columns and the decks of the underground floors are composed of precast concrete elements “ad hoc” designed.

The elevated building feature steel-concrete composite structures with HE hot rolled shapes for the columns and wide span transversal cellular beams whose in web holes are used for the mechanical and wiring ducts.

High bond type corrugated steel sheets bear on the beams and support the in situ cast reinforced concrete; longitudinal IPE type beams connect the columns, while horizontal and vertical IPE and HE shapes support the facade.