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Redesco Structural Engineering
Tour “D” Vernets, Geneve

Tour “D” Vernets, Geneve

Services provided All round structural design (SIA). Good for construction design in progress. In association with Thomas Jund ingènieurs civils sa.
Client LOSINGER MARAZZI Immobilier S.A
Architect Fruehauf, Henri & Viladoms + ADR, Genève
Contruction year in corso
Structure value 20.500.000 €

Building with apartments on highly elevated levels to be erected on the Arve river shore in Genéve.

The in plan dimensions are 47.00m by 27.30m and the elevation for 26 floors over ground reaches 86.00m; two underground levels are added.

Inside the traditional façade regularity typical of the Helvetian contemporary architecture, the supporting structure is marked by several complexities which required closely examinations that were developed either on global level (evolutive behaviour of the construction, concrete reology) and for local conditions;

-extremely difficult geotechnical conditions, typical of the Genéve moraine required the use of very deep (over 50m) slurry walls.

-very binding action transfer from the load bearing walls to core

-extreme sensitivity of the higly hyperstatic system generated by the stiffness ratios of heterogenic elements: precast, cast in situ, foundations and so on.

-complex details for the precast load bearing facade with a whole thermic cut off.

The system resisting the horizontal actions is composed by a couple of shear cores built in at the foundation level.

Vertical loads are supported by 20 cm thin, diaphragm type, walls that are in plan staggered from a floor to the other one and joined to a column at ground level.

Reinforced concrete is used for the whole structure with thin, 22cm deep, solid floor slabs.

A structural joint separates the building from the trading centre that encircles it from the foundation level up to the ground floor.