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Redesco Structural Engineering
San Giuliano Footbridge, Mestre

San Giuliano Footbridge, Mestre

Project's Category ROADS AND BRIDGES
Services provided Complete Design from conceptual to good for construction, site supervision.
Contruction year 2004 - 2005
Client Comune di Venezia - Public Works Authority
Architect Antonio Di Mambro & Redesco
Builder Mantovani
Structure value € 800.000

The bridge gives access to the new San Giuliano Park , facing the lagoon in front of the city of Venice. It overpasses a road roundabout, covering 145 m in two spans.

The steel bridge features a central mast and a stayed deck, composed of two lateral caisson beams connected by transversal girders supporting a timber floor. The mast is stabilized by lateral guys. The structure is connected to the concrete abutments by  tubular struts; longitudinal movements of the deck are allowed, while bending moments are restrained and the outer stays are also restrained by a connection to the abutments.

Dynamic vibration control is achieved by tuned mass dampers installed inside the main beams.