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Redesco Structural Engineering


Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided Complete building renovation and seismic adaptation of the Rolex Italy headquarters in Manzoni street, Milan.
Client ROLEX ITALIA Spa - Milano
Architect Onsite Studio - Milano
Builder Impresa Percassi Spa (BG)
Contruction year 2018 - 2020
Structure value 2.300.000 €

The renovation involved an existing building for private office use with spaces reserved for events on the top floor surrounded by terraces.

The original building project, subject to restrictions relevant to the protection of cultural heritage, dates back to 1867 and has undergone several internal transformations over the years.

The building was super-elevated in the 1950s and main static works  were effected  at the turn of the 1990s.

Among the design options which were investigated during the preliminary design, the most effective resulting solution involved the almost complete demolition of the building above ground with the preservation of only the spans connected directly to the facades aiming at the relevant stability. This solution allowed the implementation of a modern and functional architectural project "free" from important geometric constraints.

The construction is therefore classified as a renovation with seismic upgrading because it involves a substantial demolition of the existing parts and the reconstruction of the these ones according to the new internal spaces corresponding to the architectural design.

The documentation lack for the building preserved parts were overcome by effecting a a to target structural investigation campaign.