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Redesco Structural Engineering
Residential development "Hippodrhome", Milan

Residential development "Hippodrhome", Milan

Services provided Value engineering, preliminary, detailed and construction structural design; integrated design coordination as Head of the Engineering Companies Joint Venture.
Client Gruppo Carlo Maresca S.p.a
Architect Arch. Gianmaria Beretta - Studio Architettura Beretta Associati
Builder Facchetti Costruzioni
Contruction year 2020 - 2022
Structure value 8.500.000 €

Building complex for residential use consisting of two underground floors from which three structural units rise side by side. Among these, stands out a high building of 23 floors above ground floor (80 m-height).

Residential new development consisting of three structural units side by side to compose a volumetric continuum with a L-shape-planimetric development and staggered floors n elevation.
The first two structural units step from 7 to 4 floors above ground floor, while the tower has 23 floors, 16 of which stand out above the lower buildings. The buildings are based on a common base plate that features two underground floors.
The total floor area is about 37000 m²divided as follows:
basement 15000 m²- decks above ground 22000 m²- tower: 12.000 m²

The project is characterized by a strong optimization of the housing units lay-outs, which required a strong adaptation of the structure. The structure is entirely in reinforced concrete, with solid slabs of varying thicknesses in the various bodies of the building. The columns are in medium performance concrete (C50/60) while the floors are in C30/37. A complex issue that has been solved is the technical solution for the important overhangs of the balconies, 3.6 m cantilevered span with thermal break. The foundations of the tall building are based on a mixed raft-pile system, with a strong interaction with the excavation support diaphragms.