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Redesco Structural Engineering
PWC Tower in Citylife development, Milan

PWC Tower in Citylife development, Milan

Services provided Full Structural Design from Conceptual to Shop Drawings - RIBA Stages from 2 to 5. Design to site and assistance to construction. Structural testing design and calculations.
Architect Daniel Libeskind Architects
Builder CMB Carpi
Contruction year 2012 - 2020
Structure value 24.000.000 €

The tower rises 175 m above the plaza level to the base, and 187 m from the foundation level (3 underground and 31 elevated floors), with a total area of 53.000 sqm.

The geometry of the building corresponds to a portion of a dome: front and back sides are segments of spheres of different radii, having separated centers on a common central axis.

A parallelepiped-shaped core for services, placed in the dorsal area of the building, in an eccentric position, penetrates the body of the building in the lower half of the same and functions as structural element also.

The shape of architecture implies the use of a structure with a remarkably spatial behavior, where it is not possible to separate in the form net vertical and horizontal resisting systems; the form, where both the size and the orientation of the planes vary along the vertical axis, according to defined mathematical expressions, generates an important torque.

The investigated structural options encompass the morphology of the resisting skeletons as well as the use of various materials.

The final selection is oriented towards a composite steel and concrete spatial frame connected to the concrete core.

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