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Redesco Structural Engineering


Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided Full structural design from preliminary to construction documents, site supervision for structures. In collaboration with Thomas Jundt Ingénieurs Civils SA.
Client Sunstar SA
Architect Alhadeff Architects + SdARCH Trivelli&Associati
Builder Alfred Muller SA
Contruction year 2013 - 2015
Structure value CHF 2.500.000

The new Sunstar Headquarters are built in Etoy, in the Vaud region (CH). It features four above grade floors and one below grade. A central courtyard is covered by a glazed roof. The whole building follows advanced energy saving and environmental control concepts, from active slabs to natural ventilation systems.

The area is approximately 850 m North of Geneva  Lake, visible from the motorway.

Position, dimensions and use of materials have the goal of a reduced environmental impact and a perfectly balanced relationship between internal and exterior space.

The main strucutural system is based on concrete slabs with a maximum thickness of 28 cm, on a structural grid of 5.5 x 6.5 m. Columns are prefabricated spun high performance concrete elements with maximum diameter 30 cm.

Horizontal stability is offered by reinforced concrete shear walls around stair shafts. A monumental staircase in the central courtyard is made of cast in place ramps and prefabricated structural parapets.

The central courtyard is covered by a glass and steel roof,  with a special treatment to optimize shading and natural lighting.

The energy conspet of the building includes natural ventilation, thermal mass, active slabs and optimization of natural lighting.

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