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Redesco Structural Engineering


Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided good for tender structural design
Client Vastint Italia
Architect Pierandrei Associati
Contruction year 2024 – 2025 (foreseen)
Structure value € 6.000.000

New HOTEL PRINCIPE, Mura degli Zingari Street, Genova

The compound is located in between Adua and Mura degli Zingari streets and is composed of two constructions: the hotel building on the West side with two underground levels and six floors in elevation and on the East side a three level underground parking with the top for public use and hotel entrance.

The total floor surface amounts to around 10.975 m2 with the following subdivision:

basement: 3440 m2

ground floor: 2150 m2

elevated floors: 5385 m2

The hotel building features a reinforced concrete structure for the stair end elevator core and for the columns up to the first floor and with two-way slabs in some cases with inner plastic empties.

The elevated floor structure is composed of laminated timber panels which will be on site installed after the previuos in plant prefabrication mainly for the bathrooms (“wet-box”).

A special attention was paid to the structural wood panel connections.

The reinforced concrete parking structure includes precast inverted T beams and TT panels.

Reinforced concrete rafts are used for the foundations which bear on rock in the parking area and on 80cm diameter concrete piles in the hotel area.

The dig supporting system is composed of reinforced concrete pile rows with some ground anchors; in the parking area the piles are intersected for assuring a waterproof perimeter at levels below the water table.

Images: © Progetto Architettonico: Pierandrei Associati