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Redesco Structural Engineering
New Directorial Center in Via Pirelli 35, Milan

New Directorial Center in Via Pirelli 35, Milan

Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Services provided Direzione Lavori specialistica strutture
Client Starching (General Work Supervision) - Developer: COIMA
Architect Park Associati e Snøhetta
Contruction year 2022 – in corso
Services provided 12.000.000 €


The new directorial center was designed by the architects Park Associates and Snøhetta who won the international competition issued by the developer Coima SGR.

The investment is applied to a block built in the sixties for office use over a plot of around 47.500 m2 which is located in Milano via Pirelli.

The building being erected will have a total surface of around 27.000 m2 and is aimed to the attainment of LEED Platinum e WELL Gold energy certifications.

The structural works include the demolitions of the existing roof and of the floor below it, of the court yard ground floor and of the whole internal wing of a building.

New wings will be added to the existing building and and a raising of it will be effected taking into account the necessary resistence to seismic hazards.

In the existing “C building” the following structural works will be effected:

  • enlargement and strenghtening of the reinforced concrete founations by using r.c hoops and rafts around the existing footings;
  • strengthening of the cores and of some columns with reinforced rendering;
  • casting of a reinforced concrete layer over the existing floors for the creation of a seismic resistent diaphragm;
  • mounting of shock transmitters inside the building joints for achieving a monolithic seismic behavior of the whole unit;
  • raising of building with a new deck and roof constituted by reinforced concrete plates with internal plastic voids.

The block will be completed with the following new buildings:

  • the “L building”, located along via Bordoni with a reinforced concrete structure and floor slab post-tensioning;
  • the “bridge building” with a steel structure and decks with concrete cast over corrugated steel sheets and connecting the “L buiding” to the existing “C building”,
  • the new ground floor r.c. plate which constitutes a public square between the buildings.