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Redesco Structural Engineering
New Concert Hall and Music Center Competition - Padova

New Concert Hall and Music Center Competition - Padova

Services provided Preliminary, detailed final design, (structures)
Client Comune di Padova
Architect Arch. Klaus Kada – Arch. Alessandro Massarente
Competition year 2008
Structure value 10.830.000€

Winning project of an international competition


This new multi-functional Concert Hall and Music Center will host two main Halls capable of 1300 and 350 places respectively. Extensive ancillary functions as rehearsal halls, offices, lobbies, cafeterias and didactical facilities will complete the 16.500 m² project.  Overall project value (budget) is 39.567.000 €.

The main hall structure is a composite box, featuring concrete walls and composite floors and roofing; the whole structure is cantilevering from the stage section towards the balconies. The secondary hall and ancillary structures are also composite.

The main lobby and the connection spaces are covered by a free-form roof. The structure is based on a latticed steel system made of welded profiles. The openings in the roofing are based on a modular system that combines freedom of architectural composition with an optimized construction process. The basic grid for the roof is 8x8 m, and columns are placed randomly at some of  the intersections of the modular grid.

Due to bad soil conditions, foundations are concentrated and based on bored piles. The under-stage basement is below water level and has been designed accordingly.