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Redesco Structural Engineering
International Congress Centre - Algiers

International Congress Centre - Algiers

Services provided Full structural design for the steel structures of the roofs and facades (with the exclusion of the dome over T4 building). Technical assistance to the site.
Client MAEG SpA
Architect Fabris and Partners - Latisana
Builder CSCEC + MAEG
Contruction year 2012 - 2015
Structure value € 23.000.000

The new Congress Center is placed over a plot extended on 250 000 m2, and actually is the biggest Congress Centre in North Africa.

An auditorium with 6.000 places, conference rooms for 700 places, polyvalent rooms for 800 places, a 15 000 m2 for exhibitions, several international delegations offices, presidential lodgings, restaurants, cafes and several minor halls are included in the facility.

Our design involves all the roof steel structures, facades (final design and optimization) and the adaptation of the concrete main structures in a hard seismic context.

The main building has the roof in plan dimensions of 330 by140 m (around 42 000 m2) without-structural joints; the anti-seismic constraints are constituted by shock transmitters devices.

Along the building perimeters, spatial facades are located and are tied by a special system of hinges-sliders in order to allow the seismic displacements of the roofing structures (about 12 cm in each direction).

Because of the original building system, the design was also subjected by an ATEX procedure (Appréciation Technique d’Expérimentation) by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment Paris) which validated our brilliant solution.