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Redesco Structural Engineering
International Competition for the Scialoia School in Milan

International Competition for the Scialoia School in Milan

Project's Category COMPETITIONS
Services provided preliminary structural design for the competion
Architect Beretta Associati - Milano
Structure value 6.472.000 €
Competition year 2019

International design competition launched by the Municipality of Milano.

The school building appears as a new urban front which is interconnected to the access streets thus effecting a sight and phisycal permeability; the construction constitutes the separation from the outside and the inside protected spaces.

The in line plot is exploited by a linear building layout starting with the kindergarten and ending with the first level secondary school.

The buildings are layed along a row of courts which are used for outdoor teaching; the classrooms are directly connected to the garden for a close contact with the green.

The main buildings are in cast in situ reinforced concrete and this material selection fulfils the criteria of simple construction, material availability and work savings while assuring the correct efficiency and flexibility.

The concrete exposed surface to volume ratio yields the requested fire resistance without any other protection and contributes in a significant way to the thermal and acoustic insulation.

Where, for the teaching use, large spaces without columns are necessary, steel beams are connected to the concrete slabs thus effecting the efficient steel-concrete composite structural behavior for supporting the loads.

Reinforced concrete  columns and walls constitute the seismic resistant system which in addition assures the appearance of the relevant limited displacements and therefore reduces the damages and the service interruptions which could arise after a strong earthquake.