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Redesco Structural Engineering
Human Technopole Competition, “The new headquarters”,

Human Technopole Competition, “The new headquarters”,

Architect Zaha Hadid Architects - London
Structure value 94.518.517 €
Competition year 2019

The structural design is based on the precise aim to shape the architecture and to give the necessary resistant requirements to the building, avoiding unfounded bombastic deeds. On the contrary, the purpose is to investigate the best solution for the structural problem by consistently using the elements made available by the state of the art of engineering, applying technologically advanced solutions where necessary, without however ever losing sight of the practical and economic constraints imposed by the correct use of the resources and the ethical and formal exactness required by a work of this significance. Therefore, having cleared the field of the need for unnecessary complex resistant systems, a solution is sought that allows for better satisfying the functional, architectural and energy requirements of the building, drawing from all the knowledge of Structural Engineering with a view to an ideal "search for the minimum" intended as an added value of the project. This main principle of the design must not be confused with the research of mere simplicity; by means of highly complex design methods and principles we intend to obtain an object constructed close to the ideal "minimum".

It is a building whith an overall footprint represented by an L shape of 100m x 85 x 45m. Floors whith extensions variable in the 10 levels above ground through the use of voids, terraces, overhangs. The setting is classic, with clear separation of the resistant functions between the various elements of the structure. Resistance to horizontal wind and earthquake actions is assured by the cores containing the staircases, lifts and ventilation ducts The floors are supported by the cores and the columns. The columns feature a pendulum scheme, and are arranged along facade alignments and, partly within the decks arranged in modular grid lines with the dimensions of the laboratories (7.50 m x 7.20 m). The whole system transfers the actions to the ground through a direct-type foundation composed of footings and inverted beams horizontally connected by a 20cm thick plate.