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Redesco Structural Engineering
Gazprom Multifunctional Center, Minsk (Belarus)

Gazprom Multifunctional Center, Minsk (Belarus)

Services provided proof engineering
Client CODEST (Rizzani de Eccher)
Architect NBBJ Ltd. / AECOM
Builder CODEST (Rizzani de Eccher)
Contruction year 2020 – [on hold]
Structure value estimated 120 M€ (the whole compound estimated 600M$)

Construction of a multifunctional compound in the city of Minsk in the edges of Filimonova str. – Independence ave. – Makaenka str

The compound will be dominated by a high-rise building (189 m – 36 floors): the highest building in Minsk.

The HQ tower will be surrounded by 8 other building of different height.

The construction early stared in 2015 but was stopped because of  foundation settlements problems which occurred during the erection of the buildings surrounding the tower.

After strengthening with deep piles the foundation inside tower footprint, the project was completely reviewed.

CODEST (Rizzani de Eccher) was appointed for resuming Design and Build activities of the compound.

Due to the complexity of the project and of the peculiar contest, CODEST appointed Redesco as proof engineer to validate structural design and as site engineering consultants.


Redesco carried out following activities:

-           independent FEM analysis,

-           construction Stage Analysis according to site work schedule,

-           differential Axial Shortening analysis,

-           implementation of stiffness models for upper and lower boundary restraints,

-           design of details for concrete structures,

-           structural elements independent check.

-           incremental collapse analysis