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Redesco Structural Engineering


Project's Category ROADS AND BRIDGES
Services provided structural conception, complete design and assistance to work supervision
Client Comune di Formia
Architect Systematica srl – Arch. Leo Cavalli & Arch. Michele Pugliese

The bridge is constituted of a six bays continuous precast  prestressed concrete girder laid over in plan two opposite curvatures and a straight segment; the 138.20 m length of the passageway comply with the recommended grade for pedestrians. and the layout allows for positioning the piles outside the road edges at center lines of around 23m.

X shaped sculptured piles support  the concrete open V section which carries a wooden deck; the bridge is designed to resist an earthquake defined by the EC8 acceleration spectrum with a peak  of 0.25 a/g

The design is being developed for precasting of elements with the matching concrete technique,  and segmental erection followed by cable post-tensioning.

The aesthetics of the bridge directly arise from the bends combined with the grade and from the rounded surfaces of the section and from the sculptured piles; night time illumination is given by LED elements located inside the upper parapet pipe.