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Redesco Structural Engineering
ECHANGEUR CHERAGA Bridge - Route Nationale 41, Algeria

ECHANGEUR CHERAGA Bridge - Route Nationale 41, Algeria

Project's Category ROADS AND BRIDGES
Services provided Structural conception, preliminary and final design
Client Safet – Torino
Architect Redesco Progetti
Builder ENGOA – Alger
Contruction year 2010
Structure value 5.100.000 €

The double two lane carriageway with two side walkways bridge, 18 m wide, is composed of a bow string over a 44.00 m span and of two outwards leaning abutments.

The box section steel arch is laid over the bridge axis and by means of bars and transverse beams supports a central longitudinal box girder, which is continuous over the bridge total length; an inclined box strut connects the base of the arch with the lower part of the abutment.

The above said structural system is given adequate torsion stiffness and is capable of stabilizing the arch against lateral instability; it is designed to resist earthquakes with a PGA of 0.30g.

Prefabricated slabs and cast in situ concrete complete the composite deck section; the walkways are cast in situ in between prefabricated curbs in white concrete.

The structural steel is of high grade S355, while the bars are of S460 carbon alloy steel.