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Redesco Structural Engineering
DUCA D'AOSTA Hotel, Milan

DUCA D'AOSTA Hotel, Milan

Project's Category CIVIL BUILDINGS
Client Reale Immobili SpA
Architect Onsite Studio - MILANO
Builder ICM SpA (ex Maltauro SpA)
Contruction year 2013 - 2015
Structure value € 3.000.000
Services provided Structural design from conceptual to good for construction, detailing, technical assistance to site supervision.


The site is located in Duca d’Aosta Square, in front of Central Station in Milan and just beside Pirelli iconic tower.
The project, winner of a contest issued by Reale Immobili, consists in a complete demolition of the existing building, designed by Milanese Architect Baciocchi in 1953, and a new construction architecturally in continuity with the previous one.

The building has 3 levels below grade + 9 levels above the public square.