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Redesco Structural Engineering


Services provided Competion, preliminary, good for tender and good for construction design including earth sustaining structures, structural work supervision.
Architect 5+1AA Alfonso Femia - Gianluca Peluffo
Client VARANO BOX srl
Contruction year 2017-2018
Structure value € 2,6 Mln

The Dallara Academy is a multiple function building with the primary teaching and museum use and housing commercial areas also.

The construction is composed of 4 units which are interconnected for assuring either the function distribution and the resisting structural behavior:

  • an underground level used for parking, workshops, central plant and relevant rooms extended over a surface of around 62m by 35m
  • a trapezoidal buiding (“wedge”) with two above ground levels for the teaching main function with laboratories, class rooms, a permanent and a temporary auditorium and featuring reinforced concrete and composite steel-concrete floor decks
  • three “cones”) with steel structure for reception, recreation and inter-connection functions
  • the 3D ramp for esposition, which connects the grond floor with the first one at the East temporary auditorium extremity, with partially unsupported connections over the ground floor slab

Because of the teaching/exposition/museum functions the construction is classified as “prominent towards the consequences of an incidental collapse” and therefore the structural design had to receive the Seismic Authorization for the erection.

According to an Owner request, the structures were designed for supporting the super-elevation with an eventual additional floor.

The location of the construction within an hill countryside required important earth sustaining structures which were integrated in the building supporting ones.