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Redesco Structural Engineering
Crowne Plaza Hall  Roof, Caserta

Crowne Plaza Hall Roof, Caserta

Client Progetto Industrie - Caserta
Architect Beretta Associati - Arch. Gianmaria Beretta
Builder MAEG - Treviso
Contruction year 2004 - 2005
Structure value 1 800 000 €
Services provided Concept of the structural system, preliminary and final design. Assistance to Work Supervision

The glazed roof features a sub square plan with side dimensions of 58.52 m and 58.42 m and is supported by existing contour buildings. The erection method has been implemented by a self-resisting launching scheme.
The bearing structure is composed of two orthogonal groups of tubular steel arches laid at typical centers of 4.238 m and bearing a secondary structure on 1.413 m by 1.413 m square grids to support the safety stratified glass panes. The pattern of the arches was defined for obtaining modular plane surfaces.

The contour bearings are constituted by an horizontal frame with three sides of trussed steel and the fourth one in prestressed concrete with the aim of equilibrating the horizontal thrusts and of anchoring the structure against the earthquake actions to only one of the existing buildings avoiding the dynamic coupling of the other buildings with the roof.

The structure was built by means of incremental launching over the trusses laid on top of side buildings;before the final connection of the launched and the end standing parts, the recovering of the member actions determined during the design was effected by tuning the prestressing applied during the launching and by applying counterweights to the section already built over the end building.