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Redesco Structural Engineering
BAGNORE 3 Geothermal Power Plant, Santa Fiora (Grosseto - Toscana)

BAGNORE 3 Geothermal Power Plant, Santa Fiora (Grosseto - Toscana)

Client ENEL - Italian National Electrical Energy Company
Architect Stefano Boeri - Luca Bucci
Builder Dalla Verde S.p.A. (VC)
Contruction year 1999
Services provided Complete design, from preliminary to detailed.

The original design of a new geothermal power plant in a wilderness area was modified to face architectural and landscaping espects. The new design includes a special "roofing" of the main machinery building, consisting of a steel structure featuring 17 "purlins", 64 m long, shaped to fit to the natural slope of the hillside.
No cladding is added, so that the "roofing" is composed by the structural elements only: the section shape of the "purlins" was studied in order to fulfill special architectural and aesthetic requirements.

Design included seismic response analysis and non-linear analysis of the very slender steel "purlins". Because of the heavy corrosive environment, special self-passivating (CORTEN type) steel was used.