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Redesco Structural Engineering
AkzoNobel Coatings, Cernobbio (CO), Italy

AkzoNobel Coatings, Cernobbio (CO), Italy

Services provided Stage D and Stage E Structural Design, Site Supervision
Client Akzo Nobel Coatings SpA
Architect Studio BL+ Cernobbio
Builder Valli Costruzioni Srl – Colombo Carpenterie Metalliche Spa
Structure value € 1.000.000
Contruction year 2020

The construction area is located in the extreme south-eastern sector of the municipality of Cernobbio, close to the border with the municipality of Como, at an altitude of approximately 202 m above sea level.

The job consists in a group of renovation/construction works aimed at installing a new industrial production department. Several out of service masonry pavilions have been completely transformed by means of a number of of local repairing and seismic behaviour improvement works, in addition to the construction of some new independent structures.

The two stories new moment resisting frames were built in structural steel with superimposed corrugated steel sheets topped with concrete thus obtaining a resisting composite concrete-steel structure.