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Redesco Structural Engineering


Of Counsel

Self employed registered structural engineer in Milano, Canada, Cyprus and in 1976 co-founder of the engineering company Redesco (Research Design Consulting) and relevant exclusive consultant.

In the Polytecnic of Milano voluntary assistant in the Construction and Bridge Institute from 1959 to 1967 and for the Specialization Course for Reinforced Concrete Structures from 1968 to 1970.

Since 2005 exclusive consultant of the Redesco Progetti company, responsible for the design, work supervision, testing and final inspection of structures for civil and industrial buildings, towers, bridges and maritime constructions in Italy and abroad, promoter of the dynamic control of structures applied to seismic isolation, to reduction of wind effects and of bridge vibrations.

Author of volumes Costruzioni in Calestruzzo Armato (Hoepli publisher 2007) and Controllo della Dinamica delle Strutture  (D.Flaccovio publisher 2022)

Regular participation in international congresses on structural engineering and organizer of some related ones like the IASS Symposium – Milano 1995, SEWC - Cernobbio 2011.

Recipient of Munro Prize for the best article on 1993 Engineering Structures magazine and on 1996 of the Torroja Medal by IASS.