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Redesco Structural Engineering
AGENDA 2021-03-17

Webinar on the PWC tower project in CityLife

March 17, 2021 at 5.30 pm: MODULO magazine holds a monographic webinar on the important PWC Tower project, in particular on the use of BIM in the process from design to construction of complex structures. The webinar will go into the details of the project, of the materials, of the urban context. Moderator: Isella Bertini, Director of the magazine. Speakers: Eng. Mauro E. Giuliani -REDESCO- Eng. Marco Beccati and Eng. Martino Negri -Technical Director and Project Manager of CityLife- Eng. Tommaso Salvo -Commission Manager CMB- and Arch. Giovanni Chiabrando -Architect Partner Planimetro. LINK TO REGISTRATION LINK TO MODULO