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Redesco Structural Engineering
AGENDA 2016-10-26

Expo Gate at the end of its life: demolition as an idiocy with public money.

We designed it as a dismountable structure, since it was a temporary pavillion but worth being dismounted and reused elsewhere. With great foresight the Owner and the Site Supervision allowed the Contractor to transform many of the mechanical joints we had designed  into welded joints . Now it's being destroyed with a demolition bulldozer: 3 million € worth of public money transformed in scrap. Congratulations.

Bye bye 3M €.
In the Competition Program, it was clear that the pavillions had to be temporary. And we designed them as a dismountable system. Many pavillions in the Expo area have been disassembled and brought back to their countries. We ask ourselves why in the centre of Milan the concepts of sustainablility, reuse, minimal resources consumption shall publicly be killed by a bulldozer.
Why not launch a competition for dismantling and reusing - for free - the Expo Gate pavillions somewhere else?